Fertility: The deck is stacked against you, a case study.

I want to introduce you MaryAnn.

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A little background:

MaryAnn developed vitiligo at age 11 and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at 13 years old.  She was placed on standard treatment for decades.

She is one of the most loving compassionate and hard working people I know. She is a talented and compassionate chiropractic doctor who owns her own clinic. At the age of 35 MaryAnn decided the time was right to start her family.  

This is what her doctors used to tell her repeatedly:

"Your chances of conceiving naturally are slim.

📌You have premature ovarian failure

📌You have PCOS

📌You’re need too heavy

📌You have 2 autoimmune diseases"

But she and her husband’s wanted more than anything else in the world, to become parents.

She was determined to heal her body and attempt to conceive if possible without the assistance of IUI, IVF, ICSI.

Our paths crossed when her rheumatologist referred her to me after not fitting the criteria for a 3rd autoimmune disease, lupus, but suffering significantly with numerous symptoms including pain, digestive distress, and fatigue.

After evaluating MaryAnn I appreciated that the trigger for the cascade of health issues was rooted in 4 things:

1️⃣Genetic predisposition for autoimmunity

2️⃣“Leaky” intestinal lining

3️⃣Loss of tolerance, in her case a CD8 T cell dysfunction

4️⃣Environmental trigger, in her case a viral infection a strain of herpes

We spent the next year healing her gut, strengthening her immune system, adrenals and sex hormones through diet, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle interventions.

MaryAnn was able to reverse the Hashimoto’s (antibody tests became negative,) the vitiligo repigmented, pain ameliorated, energy & digestion improved!

As MaryAnn prepared her body for mommyhood, she prepared for the possibility she may need fertility assistance by seeing several fertility specialist. She was told she had low anti mullerian hormone, FSH and progesterone, meaning her ovarian reserves were low, and she was not likely ovulating. She was told she likely had PCOS and she should start taking metformin and taking oral contraception to regulate her menstrual cycle to prepare for fertility treatment. MaryAnn believed in her body’s ability to heal given the right tools, diet, stress management, and tailored nutrients for her specific body’s needs. After pinpointing and addressing the adrenal and hormonal imbalances she was able to improve her steroidogenic hormones and have the PCOS diagnosis retracted, and start ovulating!

After just 3 months of attempting to conceive without assistance, MaryAnn became pregnant!

Despite the doctor’s concern for her weight with diet and exercise MaryAnn was able to avoid gestational diabetes with diet and movement alone!

MaryAnn had a relatively “easy” pregnancy, and said she loved every moment of it!

On March 11th, MaryAnn and Kenny’s little miracle made his debut! Little baby boy Gino came into this world at a healthy and happy 7lbs, 3oz and 21.75 inches!

Congratulations Momma MaryAnn and Papa Kenny!