2-on-1 Coaching

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a team approach for those needing answers for their unresolved health condition and the mindset and motivation to make these changes last!


Being sick shouldn’t be a full time job where none of your clinicians speak to one and other for your benefit.

That is why we, Dr. Lacey Chittle, DPT a physical therapist & functional medicine aficionado and Kimberly Johnson a master mindset and empowerment coach, have joined forces to transform your mind, body and spirit for a whole new healthful you. 



conquer the physical & emotional barriers and transform your health

A root cause approach to healing your chronic health condition through supporting the mind, body and spirit.


Embrace the Comprehensive Healing


Start the Comprehensive Healing


Who are these programs for?

Anyone with a mysterious symptom they can’t seem to resolve despite seeing multiple doctors and trying multiple interventions, including autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances, anxiety

Anyone facing the challenge of an identity change in the face of a chronic illness

Anyone looking for a badass team of ladies to cheer them on while you reclaim your health body mind and spirit!

These programs are for the person who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Because being sick shouldn’t be a full time job where none of your clinicians speak to one and other for your benefit.

This program is for anyone who’s ever felt paralyzed by fear or hopeless that your future will only be more of the same symptoms: 

  • pain

  • fatigue

  • flaring autoimmunity

  • chronic infections

  • IBS

these programs were designed just for you.

Common Questions

Are there additional costs?

Food, supplements, and laboratory tests are not included in these packages.

You are responsible for finding the approved foods for your dietary program, suggestions may be made where they can be purchased when needed.

Laboratory tests may or may not be covered with your insurance company. The prices of the tests will always be disclosed to you, so you may make the best decision.

No additional fee for the test is added by us.

Supplements if suggestions for supplements are made, they will be available for purchase through Lacey Chittle, however it is not required.

Laboratory test review is not included after the initial evaluation, and if additional testing is done, it is $90 per test review.

Where are my appointments to take place?

All appointments are virtual. You have your choice of a phone call or video conference.

Is a payment plan available?

Yes, upon request a payment plan can be created for a duration of 1-4 months with an initial payment of $447 due at the time of scheduling the first appointment with Lacey or Kimberly.

Should I have my 1st appointment with Lacey or Kimberly or all together?

It’s your choice. We will collaborate for your benefit as needed on an ongoing basis.