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If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine for a complicated medical condition, you are in the right place.  Dr. Lacey Chittle has incredible passion for her mission to heal without leaving any stones unturned.   Her drive in the practice of Functional Medicine stems from personal experience and a deep seeded desire to heal.  She will listen beyond measure to the specific needs of a client which is an art that is lacking in many medical practices.  She can meet any degree of needs, whether it is helping improve physical conditioning, nutritional needs,  uncovering the hidden source of depression and anxiety as well as more complicated illnesses like thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, SIBO and gluten sensitivities.  She has a positive energy that flows through her that has been very encouraging to my patients and to their success stories.   Her plans are very thought out and she has excellent communication with patients regarding their needs and expectations.  I have very high expectations from any healthcare provider to whom I refer patients.  Dr. Chittle has been on point with the care of my patients whom I have entrusted to her care.  It is with great pleasure to recommend Dr. Lacey Chittle. 

   -Dr. Basima Williams, DO Family Medicine and Functional Medicine