Hi, I’m Lacey, a functional medicine practitioner.

I get to know why your body isn’t sleeping, losing weight, digesting breakfast, and not getting better despite changing doctors, prescriptions, and diet.  Together we create a plan that gets you back to feeling like you.  

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Your body Is Not Betraying You.

It’s Trying To Save You.

We are given the warning signs.  We just don’t know how to interpret them.

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Lacey has given me my life back. Since I was very young I have been trapped in an anxious body, unable to switch out of the parasympathetic system. I suffered from fatigue, depression, brain fog, severe anxiety, shaking, panic attacks, poor sleep, and never remembering a dream for many years. I thought this was just how life was. People told me these symptoms were inherent to my character. That was until I met Lacey. Not wanting to go on anti-depressants, I started Lacey's journey to health. After 3 days of her comprehensive nutrition, supplement, and self care program, I could already see the world more brightly and clearly. After more than three months of working with her I have healed immensely and am increasingly thriving and succeeding professionally and personally with my new found energy, health and well being. Lacey really does hold your hand through all the complexities of cultivating your health and lifestyle. Not only is she a scientific expert on nutrition and physiology, she is also empathetic and caring. She helps you not just figure out your health solution, but figure out how to integrate your health solutions into a full, integrated life. She treats health not just as a journey, but as a rewarding adventure of self-growth and life long fulfillment. Lacey understands and works with the whole you, from your complete blood work panel to your freezer full of bite size nourishment to what feeds your soul. I felt sick before and no one knew how to help me. Now that I have worked with Lacey, I know how it feels to be healthy and I have the tools to stay healthy.
As a side note, I first sought out Lacey to assist my former partner who suffers from a severe chronic illness. I highly recommend that if at all possible, caregivers or partners of people with severe illness seek support for their own health as well. We all have to find our own path to health. Sometimes finding your own path is the best way of helping your sick loved one, by demonstrating that finding a path to health really is possible.

-Claire Los Angeles, CA

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