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That callus on your foot, that pain under your rib, the extra hair on your bathroom floor, the teenage acne that’s reaching far beyond your teenage years, the stomach cramps that greet you after your favorite ham and Swiss, these seemingly small ailments are all BIG clues.   

you see...

When you follow the clues you find the cause.

Functional medicine is all about the cause. 

The cause and…. the effect.  

The effect gluten is having on your anxiety.  The effect exercise is having on your insomnia.  The effect dairy is having on your migraines.  It’s all related.   Our body gives us the clues, we just need a little extra help interpreting them.  And that’s what functional medicine does...  Interprets the clues through in-depth client evaluations, conversations, history and labs. No stone goes unturned. 

Because when you don’t have your health….  You don't have much.

Lacey takes all of the pieces and designs a customized plan to get you back to feeling like you.


I've got chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness in my left hip thanks to cerebral palsy and post-surgical nerve damage in both legs: so basically, even on a good day I'm kind of a hot mess. I sought Lacey's advice on non-pharmaceutical ways to reduce of pain and inflammation because I worried about organ damage from prolonged use of painkillers. She encouraged me to remove gluten from my diet to see if it made any difference and recommended some supplements. To my great surprise they reduced my number of painful days and decreased the level of pain I experienced during an episode. I'm not always great at being compliant, but when I notice that I'm having more pain than usual, it's almost always because I've been lax about my eating habits.

-S.T.,  Washington DC


A Little About Lacey

Dr. Lacey Chittle… the self-proclaimed Canary in a Coal Mine.  I will be the first one to drop.

As luck would have it, this is exactly what you want in your health care advocate.

Nearly overnight Lacey went from counting calories, running 50 miles a week, and training others to get in the best shape of their life to someone who was unable to keep food down, weight on, or walk more than a block without needing to rest with NO EXPLANATION.

She was officially a square peg in a round hole, as no diagnoses fit, despite seeing some of the Country’s best physicians.  

As luck would also have it, Lacey is just the person to go sleuthing for answers on how to heal when traditional options seem to be failing.  With a BS in Exercise Biology (an emphasis on nutrition), a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Two internships in Neurology, and an extensive continuing education in all things health, Lacey was her best shot at recovery.  

Through feverish research and implementation of supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes Lacey began on her path to healing.   

As soon as she started to put the pieces of the puzzle together it all became clear as crystal.  When a restaurant unknowingly mixed in a glob of gluten or a drizzle of dairy and within an hour the vomiting would return, she no longer felt like she was dying of some rare disease, but rather, empowered to care for her body in the way it DEMANDED.

These discoveries led Lacey straight into the arms of the Institute for Functional Medicine, where her incessant health tribulations began to reveal their purpose.  

Lacey was led to this line of work.  

To deepen her understanding of how to help others to regain their health, she completed all 7 advanced practice modules with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). IFM is the leading authority on functional medicine.

Lacey has an unwavering conviction in the body’s ability to heal, a deep understanding on how to achieve this and the empathy of a survivor.  Lacey truly is the solution that modern medicine is begging for.

Standing up for the best version of you,