Why most people fail New Year's Resolutions

There is a rhythm that exists annually of when people are most inclined to begin new healthier lifestyles, January (with a new year’s resolution, often to correct a behavior or aspect of yourself you do not like) and Spring (in anticipation of bikini season, due to some part of your body you’d like to change).

However, 90% of all newly adopted habits do not last a year.

The reason behind the desire to change for many, in my opinion is why that change is not lasting.

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🌟There is no piece of you that is not beautiful.

🌟There is no part of you that needs fixing.

🌟You are a lovable just the way you are.

When you do the work to shift your mindset, to approach the change you desire to come from a place of self love and compassion, your self concept shifts, you become a person who treats his/her body with the love and respect.

You become the person whose identity IS that of healthy body, mind and spirit.

The choice to act in the best interest of your health is easy. It’s just who you are.

As far back as I can remember, my identity was intertwined with a concept I had of what it was to be healthy and fit, because of I never really appreciated it being a choice to eat healthfully and exercise.

It was just who I was. I was someone who skipped out on a party for a run. I was not someone who ate dessert.


I was so focused on achieving new personal records (lowest percent body fat, fastest race, heaviest lift) that I ignored physical pain and trained despite injuries such as a broken pinky toe, posterior tibial tendonitis, meniscal tears, partial tear in a rotator cuff, sacroiliitis, and more.

What I realized during my illness was that although I respected myself, and I felt I loved myself, I lacked compassion for myself, and I didn’t feel like I was enough.

My constant desire to achieve more was masking an empty place in me I didn’t realize I had. In being sick I was so incapacitated I couldn’t be the athlete, the healthy eater, the personal fitness trainer or the physical therapist. I was confronted with just being Lacey. My ego had to take a backseat, and I had to learn to be okay, with just being me.

Thankfully I was able to regain my health by utilizing functional medicine principles, but just as critical to my recovery as the supplements, diet, sleep, and restorative practices, was gentleness and compassion I cultivated for myself.

And I’m so excited & thankful to announce that I am now teaming up with @kimberlyallysejohnson, a Certified Mindset Coach, so we can put both of our noggins together to create a comprehensive healing program to get to the root cause of your health struggle and heal and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit to enable you to live your best life!