After almost 8 years of falling into the depths of illness, I’ve overcome the largest hurdle in my life

Recently, I was speaking with a new client about the mourning process of illness and loss of identity that occurs when you have to change your job/career, daily routines, and outlook on life.

And how illness forces you to grow and learn not just about your body, BUT your mind.

I turned 36 last month and I wanted to share my own personal reflection of my health journey and how after almost 8 years of falling into the depths of illness, I’ve overcome the largest hurdle in my life.

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It was just after my 28th birthday that I lost partial vision in my left eye, and then spiraled down into the depths of chronic illness, suffering from:

✖️Vasculititis%2Fvasculopathy✖️IBS️✖️Fibromyalgia️✖️Pericarditis️✖️Proteinuria️✖️Dysautonomia (POTS, orthostatic hypotension)✖️Sero-negative UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease [like WTF  (2).png

It was the most frightening time in my life, actually I believe it was the most frightening time in my husband’s life as well.

My husband is a loving and sensitive man, but the only time I have ever seen tears well up in his eyes, was when I was uncontrollably projectile vomiting for days and had actually lost consciousness from the fatigue of the effort to get to the bathroom, and he had to leave for an overnight call at the hospital.

This was back when interns still did 30 hour shifts. He was afraid something would happen to me when he was gone, and I was all alone.  I remember consoling him that I’d be okay, but in retrospect I probably should not have been home alone.

I suffered with these symptoms for months and months, tried literally a dozen plus prescription medications to control my symptoms, but nothing actually went away entirely.

One symptom would improve, but not fully, and the medication I took for say problem A caused side effect B, for which a new medication would be used and produced yet another side effect. It felt like I was a dog chasing my own tail (frustrated, and literally dizzy and out of breath.)

When I choose to heal myself with what I’d later learn was a Functional Medicine Approach, I noticed improvements in my symptoms literally within a week

Today being 36, I feel the healthiest I have ever been!

I am free from all pain and fatigue. I have not had a recurrence of vasculitis in over 6 years. My sleep is good, and I wake refreshed and my digestion is spot on.

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I have immense gratitude for my life, like most who have endured great personal suffering, you learn to appreciate what you have.

What’s the saying,

“without the bitter there is no sweet?”

I am so thankful for my health, my friends and family, my fur baby Percy, the work I am able to do. Each are a blessing.

I believe I’ve always had gratitude, but at 36 the depth of my gratitude and the significance it holds in every ounce of my being has never been any greater.  

I recall my primary care physician years back when I was very ill saying how remarkable it was that I was so optimistic despite the state of my physical health.  

I credit that in great part to my amazing family and friends, especially my unwaveringly supportive & loving husband Matt, without whom those tough old days would have been unbearable.

Thank you, each of you, for your presence in my life!

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