Rome Wasn't Built in a day  

We are what we do daily.

Start to understand why your body is under the impression you ran a marathon by 3:00, why the slightest irritation has you more than slightly irritated, why your skin cannot decide if it is 13 or 63, why there is nothing “regular” about your movement of the bowel and why your life mojo is perpetually stuck in park.  When you start to investigate the distress flares sent out by your body, you start to uncover the blueprint required in getting you back to you. 

Give your body A chance to right the wrongs.


The Whole You, Starter Package:

Get to the root cause of your health condition and started on the path to thriving good health.

This 6 week plan to kickstart reclaiming your health and vitality includes:

Evaluation (week 0)

Two 60 minute follow up appointments (week 2 and 4)

Reevaluation (week 6)

Concierge Care for 6 weeks, so you can make the most progress in your health goals in the shortest amount of time.

Unlimited texting.

Unlimited email support.

Unlimited accountability.

Daily dietary review with feedback and suggestions when appropriate.