Somewhere along line the 20-year-old who lived on Ramen Noodles, gummy bears, and Diet Coke without gaining a pound or missing a beat has emerged into the woman who gains 5 lbs in a weekend, is cooked by a 4 mile walk and regrets ONE margarita in lieu of the heart palpitations and headaches soon to follow. You have stopped feeling like you.

But there is good news…It works both ways.

Start to understand why your body is under the impression you ran a marathon by 3:00, why the slightest irritation has you more than slightly irritated, why your skin cannot decide if it is 13 or 63, why there is nothing “regular” about your movement of the bowel and why your life mojo is perpetually stuck in park.  When you start to investigate the distress flares sent out by your body, you start to uncover the blueprint required in getting you back to you.  Given half a chance your body can right the wrongs.

As it turns out…

Your thinning hair and thickening waistline is not a body that needs to be punished into submission.

It’s a body that needs to be nourished into remission.

A little about Lacey.

Dr. Lacey Chittle… the self-proclaimed Canary in a Coal Mine.  I will be the first one to drop.

As luck would have it, this is exactly what you want in your health care advocate.

Nearly overnight Lacey went from counting calories, running 50 miles a week, and training others to get in the best shape of their life to someone who was unable to keep food down, weight on, or walk more than a block without needing to rest with NO EXPLANATION.

She was officially a square peg in a round hole, as no diagnoses fit, despite seeing some of the Country’s best physicians.  

As luck would also have it, Lacey is just the person to go sleuthing for answers on how to heal when traditional options seem to be failing.  With a BS in Exercise Biology (an emphasis on nutrition), a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Two internships in Neurology, and an extensive continuing education in all things health, Lacey was her best shot at recovery.  

Through feverish research and implementation of supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes Lacey began on her path to healing.   

As soon as she started to put the pieces of the puzzle together it all became clear as crystal.  When a restaurant unknowingly mixed in a glob of gluten or a drizzle of dairy and within an hour the vomiting would return, she no longer felt like she was dying of some rare disease, but rather, empowered to care for her body in the way it was DEMANDING to be cared for

These discoveries lead Lacey straight into the arms of the Institute for Functional Medicine, where her incessant health tribulations began to reveal their purpose.  

Lacey was lead to this line of work.  

With the Institute for Functional Medicine’s primary mission to change the way medicine is done and Lacey knowing how necessary this change is, there was no doubt she was right where she was supposed to be.

Lacey has an unwavering conviction in the body’s ability to heal, a deep understanding on how to achieve this and the empathy of a survivor.  Lacey truly is the solution that modern medicine is begging for.

See more of Lacey’s credentials here.