Here Lies…

The missing piece in modern health care.

Somebody to collect data on all things you, to decode the messages your body is sending, create a customized plan to get your body back in harmony through nutrition, exercise, supplement and lifestyle changes all while holding your hand, letting you know you are not alone and standing up for you when all you want to do is lie down and take a nap.  

Because so often the last ones to enlist help are the first ones who need it.

Lacey has played a major role in my recent life.
My son was born with a rare genetic condition that has impacted his health on a variety of fronts. His breathing, sight, bone growth, hearing, and overall growth have been affected. My wife and I have had to make decisions about his surgeries, diet, physical therapy, and overall care. Lacey has played multiple roles in his life and acted as an advocate in our lives. She has always been emotionally available when we have been overwhelmed. She sat in on doctors’ appointments to clarify the situation. She was a physical therapist to our son at least once a week for a year (often more than once a week). She reinforced and augmented the diet we fed him. And, perhaps most importantly, she filled in gaps of care that I couldn’t see until she filled them. 
Lacey always has built her service to us on top of the parenting we were doing.  She followed our lead on all the important decisions and she knew when we were confused, overwhelmed, or preoccupied, and worked with where we were. Our son is healthier and our family is doing better because of the work and care we received from Lacey. I will forever be grateful.
— -Spencer Hadley, Fremont California