The missing piece in modern health care.

Somebody to collect data on all things you, to decode the messages your body is sending, create a customized plan to get your body back in harmony through nutrition, exercise, supplement and lifestyle changes all while holding your hand, letting you know you are not alone and standing up for you when all you want to do is lie down and take a nap.  

Because so often the last ones to enlist help are the first ones who need it.


Living Praxis Health and Wellness Package:

Praxis, is the “art of implementing a theory,” The living praxis 3 month health and wellness package is a comprehensive plan to heal your body and mind through diet, supplements, selfcare, by way of learning to read your body’s cues, what those signs and symptoms are telling you about your body, while having all the support and accountability you need. On average a client’s healing process takes 3-6 months this package is a good starting package for those 100% ready to dive deep and reclaim their health and vitality for a lifetime.

Evaluation (week 0)

Six 60 minute follow up appointments (scheduled every two weeks.)

Reevaluation (week 12)

Concierge Care for 3 month

Unlimited texting

Unlimited email support

Unlimited accountability

Daily dietary, exercise, or other individualized data related monitoring review with feedback and suggestions when appropriate.

Individualized meal plan with what to eat/not to eat taking the guesswork out this vital portion of the process.

Detailed guidance through the food reintroduction phase, when it is appropriate. Paired with the concierge care you can be sure what the cues your body is giving you mean, and what do to in real time should any issues arise.

10 recipes for your individual needs and tastes so you feel satisfied by your food choices and feel empowered to stick with the dietary changes.