You're Over It

You have stopped feeling like you.

Somewhere along line the 20-year-old who lived on Ramen Noodles, gummy bears, and Diet Coke without gaining a pound or missing a beat has emerged into the woman who gains 5 lbs in a weekend, is cooked by a 4 mile walk and regrets ONE margarita in lieu of the heart palpitations and headaches soon to follow.

Let's figure out why.


90 minute Initial Evaluation Consultation:

Evaluate intake forms prior to appointment (19 pages male, 21 pages female).

Additional questionnaires geared toward individual conditions and symptoms, prior to appointment.

I take the time to review all these forms ahead of time so we can be as efficient as possible during our conversation and get to the root cause of your symptoms.

During the 90 minute phone or video consultation I will explain the causes in the context of your life history from conception to current date, how to address symptoms with appropriate diet, supplements, restorative activities, and any additional necessary laboratory tests.

Summary of phone or video consultation including the specific diet for your individual needs and conditions, recommended supplements to be taken for initial treatment plan, and suggested additional lab tests.

I do all this for you so that you understand how all these pieces of you, your life exposures, experiences, genetics and genetic susceptibilities culminated in your current state of health. With this new self knowledge and a plan for resolution, I will lead you to boldly take back your health, so you can live your life to its fullest.