That callus on your foot, that pain under your rib, the extra hair on your bathroom floor, the teenage acne that’s reaching far beyond your teenage years, the stomach cramps that greet you after your favorite ham and Swiss, these seemingly small ailments are all BIG clues.   

you see...

When you follow the clues you find the cause.

Functional medicine is all about the cause. 

The cause and…. the effect.  

The effect gluten is having on your anxiety.  The effect exercise is having on your insomnia.  The effect dairy is having on your migraines.  It’s all related.   Our body gives us the clues, we just need a little extra help interpreting them.  And that’s what functional medicine does...  Interprets the clues through in-depth client evaluations, conversations, history and labs. No stone goes unturned. 

Because when you don’t have your health….  You don't have much.

Lacey takes all of the pieces and designs a customized plan to get you back to feeling like you.

Everyone is unique, so every plan is unique.  Plans are executed via telephone, web chats and text/email.  Plans include a little or a lot of the following....

  • Customer supplement guidance.  Who knew that a high dose probiotic and L-Glutamine were the missing link.
  • Customized exercise programs.  Exercise logs to record activity and body’s response to the activity. Demonstration during web chat + a link to a personalized video made just for you of the exercises and how to perform them.  Not everybody should be exercising the same way. Tired at 3:00?  Interval training might just replace that 5th cup of coffee. Can’t find your off switch? Stop the sprints and startthe yoga. Gentle yoga.  Aching knees?  Pilates and low impact could put your Aleve to shame.
  • Lab love.  Guidance for what specific conventional (the everyday labs) and functional labs (the special-occasion-holy-detailed labs) to order.
  • Education and interpretation of customized labs. Want to know what the heck low Ferritin means?  You will.  
  • Medical advocate/ physician liaison. Don’t know where to start to find a PCP or specialist in your area who is best suited to be on your team? Lacey does the leg work, reads the bios, call the clinician’s office and will even be there on conference call or web chat to take notes during your visit and ask questions on your behalf.  You are not in the ring alone.  Phew.
  • Individualized custom meal plans (including meal planner, recipe guide, and food journal) tailored for your specific healing needs, your particular food tastes, and “check-in" calls to discuss the nutritional value of the food choices on your particular plan for the week and why those nutrients are important for your specific recovery.   Giving up Gluten is lot easier when you know WHY.
  • Regular accountability and support via text and email.  Just about the time you are about to throw in the towel Lacey has sixth sense, reaches out and keeps you in the game.  
  • Cheerleader.  See above.

No time like the present.

Go after the life you want. 

Instead of surrendering to the one you have.