A 3 month health plan designed uniquely for you to unearth the root cause of your symptoms, create and implement diet, lifestyle, mindset change to get you the lasting results you have been craving for years!

Finding the cause of your chronic symptom is just step #1, the process to heal and maintain your new found health for a lifetime requires the transformation of mindset and concept of self. 


Embrace the Comprehensive Healing: $2,997

What’s included:

- Initial Evaluation with Lacey Chittle

* 30 page health assessment prior to appointment covering your entire life from conception to present day.

* One, 90 minute comprehensive evaluation

* Summary of evaluation findings including initial suggestions for diet, lifestyle, restorative practices, additional testing when indicated, and nutritional supplementation when indicated.

- Initial Assessment with Kimberly Johnson

* Mental/physical health assessment prior to appointment

* 60 minute deep dive into what is most challenging in creating the life you are dreaming of creating

* Practices and tools that are specific for your challenges

* Goals/Intentions for each week

* Weekly email/text accountability check ins

- Four, 30 minute follow-up appointments with Dr. Lacey Chittle

- Seven 45 minute follow-up appointments with Kimberly Johnson

- Three months of Concierge Care. Email and text message directly from your team of practitioners when you need the accountability, support, and guidance.

- Handouts/Specific Accountability and Plan to keep you on track and moving through obstacles as they occur (Kimberly)

- Progress Reports (Dr. Chittle and Kimberly)